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What Signs tell It’s time to Rebrand Your Business ?

You can think of rebranding when you’ve grown tired of your logo or running into hurdles with your existing branding tactics. Well, whatever the situation is, this is a question that almost every company faces at some point of time in the journey, especially when they’ve been in business for more than a few years.
However, rebranding can be highly beneficial for some businesses. But, it should not be taken lightly because rebranding takes time and resources. Before you embark on this effort, Ensure that the Efforts to Rebrand Your Business are worth it.

Let’s discuss first what a Rebrand is.

Well, rebranding is the technique that shapes what people believe about your company. That means rebranding is the process you use to refresh your company’s brand image. Sometimes, it can be as subtle as making minor updates to your logo, changing the colour palette, or even changing the fonts. However, in other cases, it may include sweeping changes such as an entirely new logo design or if a company changes its name.

However, the level of rebranding needed will depend on many factors, such as –

  • When did you update your brand last time, and
  • The reason for rebranding in the first place.

Why Should You Rebrand Your Business ?

When we talk about the reasons there are many reasons to rebrand your business, but the ultimate goal of rebranding is to better position the company for growth.
However, rebranding can help you change the audience’s perception of your company.
It can be anything, i.e.

  • To overcome negative opinions,
  • Better represent your mission and culture,
  • Allow for expansion into new markets.

When the rebranding is done well, this strong branding can make your company the preferred choice of your customers for your product or service.

The Signs That Show that It’s Time to Rebrand Your Business

1. You Should Rebrand When Your Vision Has Changed –

This is one of the most important reasons to rebrand your business, i.e. a change in your company’s strategic direction or its vision is the most important reason behind its rebranding need. This means that you are shifting your business model or simply changing your company’s offerings regarding products/services.
For instance, if your business name or logo shows a product or service that is no longer your company’s offering, it’s a sign that your branding needs to change. That means if your brand doesn’t reflect the focus of your business or the direction of your business, then it’s crucial to rebrand your company.

2. You Should Consider Rebranding When You Want to Attract New Audience –

Your brand should speak to those you are trying to reach. However, rebranding is critical at that point if your brand isn’t connecting with them because you’ve shifted your target audience or if your brand is no longer attractive to them.
Customer research is critical here, so you should talk to your existing customers and get their feedback. It would be best if you also took some time to understand your target market.
It means you can’t just make a branding change in a hurry, but the rebranding decision should be well-researched to build a brand that speaks the language your target audience understands.

3. It’s time to Rebrand if You’re Struggling to Stand Out –

Well, this is a known fact that you must stand out from your competitors to win your customers. However, that becomes tough if your brand looks and sounds like every other business in your field.
Sometimes, that happens on purpose, and other times, it’s because everyone follows the same design trends or branding best practices. Whatever the reason, the more your brand will blend in with other businesses, the harder it will be to differentiate from your competitors.
So, if customers confuse your business with your competitors, that’s a sign that it is time to rebrand.

4. It’s time to Rebrand if Your Business has Outgrown Your Branding –

Again, one of the most important signs to rebrand your business is that what worked when you were just a startup might not work if you’ve been doing the industry for more than ten years. Because as your business grows, you will need a more polished brand image!
If your business has matured, but your branding has yet to develop, then a rebranding will help you better position your company in the minds of your customers.

Where Should You Start With Rebranding?

If you witness any of these signs in your business, then a rebrand would be a good choice for your business to grow. However, you are not required to design a new logo. But, before you go to rebrand, you should ensure you have a strong brand strategy.
A brand strategy will give you a roadmap for building the desired perception of your business in the eyes of your audience! That means a brand strategy is your game plan that tells how your business appears worldwide.
However, getting this right is critical for creating a logo and a brand identity that stands out. You begin the rebranding design process only after you have a brand strategy.
This is because a thoughtful brand strategy guides your business’s visual identity, i.e., logo and website design. And at the same time, it also gives you a compelling message to communicate with your audience about what you do.

Do You Need Help with Your Rebranding?

If you’re planning to rebrand your company, you can reach out to us as our team can help you build a solid brand strategy and design a visual identity, i.e. logo and more, to help you stand out from the competition and get noticed.

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