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What is IVR, and How can IVR Technology Help Today’s Businesses?

Many of us have ever tried calling a contact centre which the prospect of long queues had daunted, and you might have dealt with the frustrating holds. Technological advancement, i.e., the “interactive voice response (IVR)” technology, has removed such difficulties the users face by enabling the contact centres to give their customers a very streamlined yet personalized experience.

That means, with innovations like IVR Service in Jaipur, the contact centres no longer have to have a poor reputation, but now they can become valuable customer resources. And they can do all this while helping businesses save money and providing better customer engagement. 

That means IVR is a game changer for a lot of businesses. Well, if you’ve ever called the customer support line of a major airline or something else, you must have experienced voice prompts to understand why you’re calling. After that, you interacted with the “Interactive Voice Response” or “IVR technology.” Let’s know the IVR Technology in a bit of detail below –

What is IVR (The Interactive Voice Response)?

IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is a phone system feature that responds to a voice. Well, it means that IVR works like a virtual assistant. However, an IVR system isn’t just a virtual assistant, but it has taken it a step further.

That means the IVR systems don’t just do automatic call distribution like virtual assistance; the IVR technology uses speech recognition software to interpret verbal responses. IVR technology also interacts with callers to route their calls and help them complete simple tasks. 

So, when you call a business, you are given an auto attendant to which you can say your selections, or you can even use a touch-tone keypad on your telephone. If you can speak your choice, then it means that you are using IVR technology. However, the IVR systems use both for handling the inbound calls –

1. Natural language processing, and 

2. Telephone keypad recognition.

What are the Benefits of Leveraging IVR Technology?

A company uses IVR systems for a lot of reasons, but most of them use IVR technology to create a better customer experience. However, using an IVR system benefits a company in the following ways –

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• Decreased wait times, 

• First call resolution, 

• Less stressed staff, 

• Projecting a professional image, and 

• Providing a 24/7 self-service option to callers etc. 

1. IVR Technology Helps in Providing a Positive Customer Experience

The biggest reason why most businesses are using IVR software is to increase their customers’ satisfaction. Because a quick response and a quick call resolution mean better customer service, and happy callers are more likely to turn into repeat customers, driving more business for your company.

So, with an IVR system, when a customer calls your business, they will no longer need to wait on hold for a human operator to answer the call. But, an IVR system will walk them through their choices while routing them to the correct place.

Each step in the IVR automated phone system has a purpose. That means each step is designed to get the customer closer to where they want or can get the help they need. Hence, this will result in a good first impression and efficient issue resolution.

2. IVR System Decreases the Customer Wait Time –

Whether it is a call centre or a business unit, all such units naturally have their busy times. However, IVR systems not only route the calls but can also provide information in some cases that give the callers all the information they need. 

That means you can create your “interactive voice response call flow” for addressing simple customer queries. However, this is especially helpful in high call volume times.

3. IVR System Helps in First Call Resolution –

Being a responsive business unit, you want to resolve your customer’s issues or any of their queries the first time they call, and you would never want that they have to call again and again for the same issue, right? Well, this is called the “first call resolution,” and it goes a long way in increasing the customer satisfaction ratings. 

The best part is that IVR systems can help you with this. That means, when the IVR system is set up correctly, it will allow your customers to help themselves with a self-service option or by quickly routing the complex calls to the agents who can smoothly handle the calls the first time. 

However, measuring FCR (First Call Resolution) is a great way to determine whether your IVR is set up right for optimal performance. In fact, you can also understand whether your employees are properly trained or not to handle complex calls.

4. IVR System Can Reduce Stress on Your Staff –

When no more phones ring off the hook, it makes a more calming environment, and there, the environment is less likely to stress your employees. However, the IVR platform can you’re your employees do their jobs more efficiently, which will lead to increased job satisfaction for them.

Because when calls are routed to the correct person, and some of the simple tasks are handled without involving anyone of the staff members, then it takes stress off for both the employees and the callers. It, in fact, gives you lower operational costs. Moreover, it also gives your employees more time to spend on complicated calls.

5. IVR System Helps You Create a Professional Image –

A professional image of any business or company starts with the first contact point, which generally takes place over the phone. However, IVR systems allow –

ü A clear and concise greeting, 

ü A proper call routing,

ü Ensure that the customers are getting the information or agent that they need. 

However, IVR was once reserved for enterprise-level businesses, but the modern technology and the best IVR Service in Jaipur close the gap for making IVR applications affordable and accessible to companies of all sizes.

6. IVR System Gives Your Customers 24/7 Customer Service –

The best thing about using IVR applications is that the IVR systems can be employed at any time of the day or night, which means they are there for your customers 24*7. Therefore, the IVR systems can help your businesses manage the high call volume times, and they can also provide self-service options 24/7, which makes your business even more accessible to your customers. 

Not just that, but you can also create an IVR system that provides the right information and can handle simple transactions so your callers get service at any time, even when none of your employees is available.

Which Type of Business Can Leverage the Benefits of Interactive Voice Response?

Almost any business can get benefits from an IVR system. But we may encounter an IVR system in a medical office in hospitals or banking institutions, or some big organizations. But let us tell you that any company with multiple departments can get the amazing benefits of creating a professional image through the simple automation that IVR technology provides. 

However, IVR systems are generally more popular in banking institutions, call centers, etc. Banks and financial institutions commonly use this IVR technology so customers can call to get information and complete their tasks even when closed. 

So, the 24/7 availability, along with the simple self-service options, improve the customer experience. So, visit now to integrate an IVR system into your business and Send Bulk Calls to Customers.

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