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Why Your Company Should Leverage Agile Software Development?

Nowadays, the consumer market is all about continuous innovation. Why should the way in which goods are created lag so far behind that concept? Agile software development in 2022 is useful in this situation, and it is the way to go in upcoming years.

Agile software development is a must choice for the growth of your company. It delivers outstanding products to our customers. So, for a business that needs to launch software quickly, agile methodology is a requirement.

In this article, we’ll cover and highlight the best tool to help you manage Agile software development projects.

What is agile?

Agile methodology is a time-boxed ie, that is a period during which a task must be skilled. And Including an iterative, people-oriented, and result-driven approach to software. That delivery builds software gradually from the beginning of the project rather than delivering it all at once near the end.

Agile methods or Agile processes are generally a trained project management process. Moreover, it also promotes frequent examination and adaptation. Added a leadership philosophy that encourages teamwork.

Empowers self-organization, accountability, and a set of engineering best practices. So all these are intended to allow for the quick delivery of high-quality software. And a business approach that lineup development with customer needs and company goals.

Now it’s time to know the research summary of agile statics how agile is simply curious about current trends.

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Agile Adoption Statistics for 2022

Agile has become a key part of software management for many companies as an increasingly popular software development methodology. According to the statistical data below, agile will continue to stay one of the most popular software development methodologies in 2022.

  • According to Capterra, 71% of US  businesses are now using Agile.
  • Agile projects have a success rate of 64%, while waterfall projects have a success rate of only 49%.
  • Considering this, Agile projects are nearly 1.5X more successful than waterfall projects.
  • Companies that have implemented Agile have seen an average 60% increase in revenue and profit.
  • On the report of Harvard Business Review, executing Agile methodology outcomes in sales and profit growth for 60% of organizations.
  • For every software development and project, agile is responsible for replacing the waterfall method with a superior method. 

Benefits of agile software development

There is a big reason why most companies have adopted the agile methodology. So, let’s start by outlining the benefits of agile software 

Focuses on Users

Agile Programme focuses on directly providing value to customers. Therefore, the user-centered design is friendly for one and all. So, people have higher expectations from the software by opting for hassle-free, usually taking less time. As they are becoming more knowledgeable in compter which will make them gain a better understanding of what they expect.

Focuses on Business Value

Customer satisfaction is a must to get value to any business which is mandatory. So, agile topmost priority is the value-based for their customers. Therefore agile software leads to fast delivery and value-based delivery which is liked by many users.

Increased Productivity 

Agile is ideal for software development for eCommerce businesses because it employs a number of methods. And indicators to examine a team’s performance. And it includes such as. Lead Time, Actual vs. Committed Stories, Planned-to-Done Ratios, Cycle Time, Failed Deployment, Sprint Burndown, Velocity, and others. Each and every team member is focused on a single task which made them productive. So, according to research based on many projects, agile teams are 25% more productive than their industry competitors.

Quick and Predictable Delivery

By using time-boxed and fixed-schedule Sprints, a service, product, or new features are delivered at a higher frequency with a high level of predictability. And, if there is sufficient business value, this allows for the software to be beta-tested earlier than planned.

Allows for Change

Agile development enables a project to adapt to changes in business needs and requirements by breaking work into bite-sized chunks.

Stakeholders Involvement

Every day stake holders a developers works closely. Therefore all stakeholders and team members work in accordance to get excellent project results. In fact, agile is responsible for providing all stakeholders and project teams with multiple opportunities. Because that is the reason why agile maintains collaboration between the customers and the project team.

It gives the customers a clear vision to look for it.


A better opportunity emerges to participate throughout the whole process. Monitor the evolution through any phase of the process. Like from prioritizing features to iteration planning all come under this category. From review sessions to frequent built with few features. Because on the other side this will show the work in progress. And getting added benefit of transparency in exchange for it.

Bottom line 

In 2022, it is compulsory for organizations to work faster and bring more value. The agile way of looking at industry removes many drawbacks of traditional development. By manufacturing better adaptability to faster ROI.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced. And agile processor experienced with Agile and Scrum. So, don’t worry we are here to help. At Serva Applabs, we design, build and supervise Agile projects. Because with Design human-centered approaches to innovation that help create products your customers will appreciate and value.

So, if you’re working on a software project with a lot of unknowns. So, the Agile operating model might be the way to go.

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