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Why Custom Web Design is better than Using Templates?

For someone with a limited budget, setting up a website with the help of a drag-and-drop website builder could be a great solution. However, this choice also comes with some drawbacks. Suppose you’ve been using drag-and-drop website builders like Wix/WordPress or Squarespace and are unsatisfied with many things. In that case, it might be when your business needs a custom web design and development solution from a web development company in India.

Well, a Custom web development is built specifically for your brand, which suits your product or company. However, not just that, but a custom website is customized to your target audience, which gives you a competitive advantage!

Do you know that with custom web development, your online identity’s layouts, fonts, and colours are all designed to help your website stand out? You’re just one of the people using these website builders, so there will be many similar websites to yours that have used similar templates. So, adopting the same themes that others have chosen will make your site appear simple and dull.

However, the majority of web developers enjoy WordPress website building. However, it is only suitable and compatible in some situations, but it is based on the marketing objectives, the vision, the concepts, and a planned solution. So, if the functionality you need on your website demands exceeds WordPress’ capabilities, you must search for and consider custom-developed solutions.

Advantages of a Custom Web Design

Let us have a look at the advantages of having a custom-made website solution –

  • You will get a secure and reliable website that will have all the features you need,
  • Custom web development offers a unique and original design that appeals to your target audience,
  • Get a distraction-free design with optimized content and faster loading times with custom web development,
  • You will be able to use original, on-brand images along with professional photographs, illustrations, or videos,
  • The custom website is developed with conversion funnels that have been carefully designed to boost your conversion rates,
  • To help you rank better in search results, in custom web development, on-page SEO for each page is done,
  • You will get a user-friendly interface that will allow your consumers to browse through the entire process easily,
  • The custom websites are developed with excellent user experience that will assist you in lowering customer acquisition costs while building a solid brand,
  • It will be a website that is completely optimized to improve the performance, the compatibility, and the usability, and
  • Get a custom admin dashboard that allows your website administrators to implement the changes quickly.
  • Additionally, it provides a significant competitive advantage to your business that will pay you off in the long term. One of the most substantial reasons for investing your money in custom web solutions is to provide an improved user experience to your clients, which the industry professionals direct.

1. Get a Website Design Tailored to Your Branding –

Websites allow a business to showcase their unique products and services. However, today, business websites aren’t just created to showcase the products or services, but they also show the personality of the business person. 

However, with custom web development, you can partner up with the design team of a website development agency to give your website a personalized touch. 

The custom websites also offer a unique user experience to your website users, and it is not limited to what most of the drag-and-drop templates provide. 

2. Get Customer Experience Optimized Design –

A custom website design and development by a web development company in India also enables a business to build a site that delivers actual business results with an optimal structure and user experience. 

However, web development agencies ask about your business goals before developing and designing a website. 

For instance, sometimes, you’ll want to know the customer journey regarding your product purchase or services. Let’s say you’re running an automotive repair business. Then, you may wish your homepage to have a “request service” form in front and centre for driving the leads.

So, designing a customer-centric website will help the visitors to navigate the website easily while making them take the actions that produce your desired results.

3. Get Increased Search Engine Optimization –

Another benefit of custom website design is that the custom web development enables better search engine optimization. However, not just that, but when you hire a custom website design team, you’ll get help from not only the web developers but also from the SEO specialists. 

And as we know, SEO specialists implement the best practices to help your website rank better on the search engines. Well, here are some ways in which they will give the custom websites a boost over time:

  • They help the web developer “craft metadata”, “relevant page URLs”, “alt tags for images”, and “the best site content”, and everything will incorporate the most relevant keywords,
  • They will also be working with the development team to implement a site architecture that is user-friendly and mobile-friendly,
  • They also help in identifying what pages should be “crawled” by the search engines and which not, and
  • Lastly, they help web developers to insert internal links to enhance the user experience.

4. Get the Ability to Evolve in Response to Business Changes –

One of the best things about having a custom website design is that it gives businesses the freedom to scale the development process. Although the developers of your Website Development Company will initially set up a proper architecture at the time of creating the site’s roadmap, you may also need to add some additional functionality or content in response to the business changes. 

On the contrary, the template websites are developed to remain static and must be appropriately updated or maintained to meet the changes your website needs.

5. Get Flexibility with Hosting –

Last but not least, the benefit of having a Custom Web Development is that you will have greater control over your website’s hosting, especially when you want to change up your provider or when you have business-specific requirements. 

But, unfortunately, the drag-and-drop website builders don’t offer this flexibility. Well, the benefits that come with the freedom of choosing a hosting company include:

  • You will have the ability to scale beyond a “shared” hosting environment,
  • Avail an automated file and data backups with the customized backup locations,
  • Get the direct server performance along with uptime monitoring,
  • You can get optimized setup and configuration for the selected CMS,
  • It will be easy to create and deploy staging environments and
  • Avail the integration with the other tools and technologies.

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